Most people know that cats use their whiskers to gauge the width of a space and to help them determine whether or not they can fit through it. However, did you know that whiskers have many other uses? In fact, whiskers are not hairs but nerve endings, and with these they can detect many different things. They’re almost like a radar!

Cats use their whiskers to smell and identify smells or to calculate the exact location of an object or prey, such as this poor mouse. Did you know that cats that have three or four colors in their fur are female? So when you see a cat which has three or four different colors in their fur, it is most likely that it is a girl cat. There have been special cases of male cats with three-colored fur but these are sterile, meaning that they can’t have babies.

Cats can have a litter of three to seven kittens every four months and in a lifetime they can have up to 100 kittens. That’s incredible!

As you can see, cats are amazing creatures with many abilities that we humans could never hope to match. So the next time you see your cat grooming its whiskers, take a moment to appreciate all the uses they have for them!

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