Dear Roman Cat Lovers,

We are sending out this unprecedented appeal asking you to show your appreciation for the incredible work the volunteers at Torre Argentina in Rome have done for almost 20 years. Some archeologists are trying to drive them out but they are located where they are in the center of historic Rome because that is where the multitudes of cats reside and are abandoned that they have been helping.

The Association of cat lovers at Torre Argentina currently pays for the spays/neuters of some 3,500 cats a year. Before the economic crisis of 2008 they helped sterilize 4,500 cats as well as a number of dogs. They have never taken money from the Rome municipality. Because of their unique location they are able to appeal to the generosity of visitors from all over the world. Their work must continue and continue in or very near their current location. In honor of their work the cats that live in the ruins of Largo Argentina have been given the official status of being part of Rome’s bio-cultural heritage.

Do whatever you can to help their extraordinarily important work. Please go to this link to sign a petition that will get sent to local authorities and those involved: and if you would like to donate to them:

Some news coverage about the eviction:

and an interesting article in Italian that can be translated using a google Chrome browser:

Mille grazie,

President of Friends of Roman Cats