Spay Day – Friday 18th November 2011

It’s early morning. Where are we?

People are appearing with all sorts of boxes – some cat boxes, some cat traps, even soft bags with holes in for air.


At the reception, the staff are waiting to receive and help register all the cats to be neutered. Inside, the veterinary staff and volunteers move purposefully going about their various jobs with a calm professionalism.

To the fresh eyes of the newest volunteers it was a great experience watching all the frenetic activity from the more experienced team of professionals and volunteers. We were given jobs in the post-operative stage when, like a conveyer belt, the vets brought us the operated cats and it was our job to untie them from the trays that were holding them securely during their operation.

The unconscious cats were carefully checked to make sure that they were breathing correctly and set in a recovery position with their heads to one side and their tongues hanging out of their mouths. Heated pads were placed under them, and once back inside their cages, they were covered with a warm blanket. Their cages were also covered to reduce any stress and then they were moved to the recovery room where some dedicated volunteers carefully observed the safe recovery of the animals.

The five vets were kept busy from 9 o’clock through to 6 o’clock with just a short break in the middle of the day for a welcome lunch prepared by more loyal volunteers. In addition to the hearty meal, the workers were constantly encouraged throughout the day with coffee accompanied by cakes made by Dottore Friz and Maria, a volunteer from the British NATO community.<.p>

To our great delight, by the end of the day the vets neutered 119 female cats and 56 males. How fantastic is that!

The tired and happy team of professionals and volunteers felt more than satisfied with their successful day. Now it was time to relax. HELP!!!!!!! An escapee! A clever cat had recovered and opened its cage, and was causing mayhem. The clever rogue cat was chased by the team and triumphantly returned to his cage amidst the cheers and laughter of the onlookers.

As new volunteers, we would like to thank Dorothea Friz and her loyal team who made us feel so welcome.

Julie and Elisabeth
two British Volunteers